Alexis Cartwright is the channel,Anchor
and Founder of Transference Healing®

   What is Transference Healing® ?



Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is advanced, multidimensional, works with the lightbody and creates alchemy.

Transference Healing® as a modality combines Eastern or new etheric healing procedures with unique information and lightbody procedures to create an intricate and profoundly effective form of healing at this vital time of earth and human evolution.  Transference Healing® works on all aspects of the self and can help with any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues releasing fear, pain and suffering.


Clients come for a Transference Healing® for a variety of reasons but many have similar symptoms; for example:

            ◦   Feeling tired, unwell, out of balance, unfilled, and unhappy

            ◦   Strange physical symptoms, ongoing health issues, dizziness, hormonal  imbalances

            ◦   Lack of direction and clarity, feelings of being stuck and wanting to change

            ◦   An interest in learning about their own divine healing and ascension process




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